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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thing 2 - The Search for 15 minutes

Library 2.0 is not a new concept to me, though the name is. Issues of technology have been front and center in any goal-setting or visioning that I've participated in during the past 4 years. As a member of a lean library team, I do ponder when I can find the 15 minutes suggested per day to do my Thing on a Stick. In fact, I put off exploring this program at all until sickness kept me home from work.

This challenge may be the motivation I need to pull out my time management log from a seminar offered on campus several years ago and actually think about what tasks are urgent and necessary.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thing 1

I breezed through the first few steps of Thing 1 because I've set up a couple of personal blogs before. But the Avatar piece flummoxed me for awhile. I wished for a better way to view all my choices for avatar characteristics, and I don't quite know how I did it, but I wandered into some Valentine's Day ads that wouldn't get out of my way. I discovered that Blogger has made some nice changes that make it easier to navigate than I remember from a year ago. I'm sure I'll have more insights when I've looked at the writings of other bloggers in my area.


Home from work, temp of 100+, and here I am, blogging about the office. What does this say about me?

Not much, I suppose, since anyone reading this has come in at the middle of the story.

I work as the office manager of the DeWitt Wallace Library on the Macalester College campus. I have a lovely office on the second floor of the building with a nice view of a young maple tree and an old dorm. I share my office with Aphrodite, a graceful statue saved from very bad things many years ago and offered to me as a work companion when I first came to the library, and Rat, a prize given me by a colleague in remembrance of a particularly odd Halloween. Both are fond of donning seasonal attire. We are protected from those who would wish us harm by the Big Head, an interesting - some would say scary - globe that hangs from the ceiling of the office and announces "No banned books!" to all who venture in, and our lifesize-cutout friend, Eowyn, who always protects my back with her sword.

Who says office work is dull?

I haven't yet decided which way to head with this blog. Are tales of our adventures too mundane? Besides, sticking my neck out (or my pen, as it were) and writing for a library audience is a pretty scary prospect. I think I'll give it some thought as I nap. Maybe fevers are good for creative thinking.

Hoping to be DeWitty rather than DeWittless ...